Pre-Yoga Preparations

What to wear

Workout clothes, minus shoes and socks. Be comfortable.

How to register.

Pre-registration is appreciated, but not required. There is no charge for late cancellation with client contact. Classes at peak times do get busy, to guarantee a spot register in advance. Register here.

What to bring.

Bring workout clothes, and we have the rest – water, mats, towels, and props!

Give yourself time to check-in.

Board of Trade – check-in at the 2nd floor front desk and head to 7th floor, suite 750.
Civic Opera Building – head to the left elevator bank to the 13th floor, suite 1325.

Upon Arrival

Check-in at front desk.

Introduce yourself to the person at the desk and let them know you’re new to the studio, so they can show you around.

Sign Waiver.

Liability waivers can be signed online before class or at the time of your first class.

Talk to your teacher.

Let the instructor know about any struggles, fears, medical concerns, and history of injuries. Unlike some yoga studios, our instructors are not robots. Our instructors creatively design each class around the class style and student needs. We know you might be shy, but talking to your instructor will allow them to make sure your yoga experience is enjoyable.

Yoga Set-up

Yoga Props

Yoga props are designed to make yoga more comfortable for your body, so that your mind can take a break. Read through the props below, so you’re prepared for your class. And, remember props are NOT for sissies!

Yoga mat

We provide yoga mats, free of charge! Our mats are high quality, so you never have to carry your mat to the studio. We do offer mat storage for all members, if you’d like to store your mat with us.


Grab two blocks if you have tight hamstrings, or if you consider yourself, inflexible. Blocks bring the ground to you, so you don’t have to struggle to touch the ground.


Straps are great for people with tight shoulders, hips and quads. If you’re unsure about needing a strap then grab one anyways!


When you sit on the floor, does your back round forward? Grab a blanket. Blankets prop-up your seat to make it easier to sit on the ground.


Yes, yes, yes! Using a bolster makes practice more relaxing. At the end of class try a bolster under your knees to limit low back pain, or along the spine for a gentle chest opener.

Eye Pillow

This is the best prop for yoga and for life! Eye pillows help relax tension along the browline, which sends a signal to the mind to relax. An eye pillow is the perfect end to strenuous yoga practice or a long day.  Try one at the studio!

Extras and Amenities


We offer purified water and cups, as well as bottled water for purchase.


The Board of Trade location offers hand and bath towels for a small rental fee.


Both studios offer lockers for clients during the length of class. Certain memberships come with lockers – ask if interested!


The Board of Trade changing rooms have showers, soap and hygiene products, so you’re able to freshen up after class.

Changing Rooms

Both studios have changing areas and lockers to store personal items during class.

After Class

Questions or Feedback

If you have questions for your instructor, make sure you talk to them before leaving. Instructors love answering questions are yoga – remember they love yoga.

If you have constructive criticism or feedback, please email, and the BLY Staff will handle your concerns.

If you loved your experience, please leave a Yelp review, and you’ll receive your next class for free!

Come back

Like everything in life, yoga gets easier with practice, and remember yoga is a practice. In yoga there is no end goal; however you will notice significant changes – physically and mentally.

Class Frequency

With only one class per week, you’ll feel a difference. Try two classes per week for a month, and you will feel increased physical and mental strength. More classes – faster results!

New to Yoga?

Here at Bottom Line Yoga, we boil down yoga to the basics so you get all the benefit without the confusion.  We work hard to make yoga accessible for you and your busy schedule.  We also make sure our classes are friendly to all levels, and we steer clear of traditional chanting or Sanskrit so you can focus on what’s important – you.

Our classes are built around your daily schedule, so you can fit yoga into your day whenever makes most sense for you – before, during or after work.  Step out of your office, get onto your mat and out of your head. After class, you’ll have a fresh perspective, clearer mind and renewed energy.

Student Perspective

“I didn’t know what to expect, since I didn’t have the slightest understanding of any postures, I began experiencing small bursts of anxiety. I began to think, “Am I going to look like a fool in front of an entire class?” Turns out those thoughts are pretty common.

“Yoga was just different than other forms of exercise. I kept coming back for that five minutes of clarity at the end of class. I wish I had a better way of explaining this feeling. It’s really something you don’t understand until you feel it, I think with years of practice it could become your default state of mind.”

– Matt Halko


It just so happened that I was the lucky instructor who got to teach Matt Halko during his first class at BLY. My name is Sophie Williams, and I’ve been an instructor at Bottom Line Yoga since the beginning. I remember my interaction with Matt well, because, like many new-to-yoga practitioners, Matt was a little apprehensive about taking class. Matt approached me before class and mentioned that he was newer to yoga. I explained that it was perfectly normal to feel nervous.

The first couple classes, even first couple dozen classes can be particularly challenging because everything is new. The breath techniques, the pose names, the physical shapes of the poses themselves – all this new information can be overwhelming, not to mention the fact that you’re having this experience in a room full of strangers. I assured Matt that after a few classes he would be comfortable with the practice and it would require less thought to come to a comfortable place physically and mentally.

After six months of consistently coming to classes, there is obvious progression in Matt’s practice….

Benefits of Yoga

  • Rest and rejuvenation
  • Posture health
  • Joint restoration. Great for aging, which we’re all doing.
  • Spinal Health
  • Bone health
  • Circulation
  • Drains lymphs, boosting immunity
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Stress reduction
  • Joint aches and pains
  • Digestive problems
  • Ease chronic pain
  • Injuries
  • Posture
  • Rejuvenation
  • Stretching
  • Increased oxygen + blood flow
  • Better balance