Christopher Morehead

I stumbled into a yoga class in college and found myself intrigued by this thing the teacher call “breath-work.” At first it seemed ridiculous because breathing was supposed to come naturally, right? Why did she need to teach it? Little did I know how much those initial classes and that “breath-work” would change my life down the road.
Fast forward a few months: I spent the last two years of college being my father’s caretaker while he battled cancer, ultimately passing in 2007. Life dealt me a big ol’ lemon with that one. Yoga helped me work with that lemon. Feeling very lost after his passing, I moved to Chicago on a whim and began to explore who I was. I had a degree in Psychology and found myself working lots of people-centric jobs: counseling kids in the foster care system, nannying, waitressing, slingin’ coffee, etc. I enjoyed those jobs, but they left me emotionally and physically drained. During that time, yoga was the one thing that allowed me to un-plug from the rest of the world. It was my time to recharge and as frightening as the concept was…to work on myself. Taking lots of yoga classes led to enrolling in teaching training. Today, when people ask me why I became a yoga teacher, I tell them the truth: It scared the shit out of me. But, boy am I glad to took on the challenge!

My teaching style is all about tackling fears and finding balance…the balance between effort and ease. I will encourage you to push your limits, but also to learn when to back off of a pose…when to be kind to yourself. People often think yoga is purely a physical practice, but you’ll quickly find that class goes far beyond the physical body. You will build both physical strength and flexibility, as well as mental and emotional strength and flexibility.

Our world has become full of go-go-go multi-tasking. My classes are designed to take you out of your head and into your body so that ultimately, over time, you are able to increase your awareness of self, discover a more nourishing breath, and find a deeper sense of relaxation.

Lauren Goggins
Founder + CEO

Like so many young people in this country, there were so many potential career paths that choosing one seems daunting, especially when there’s a lack of passion. After months of indecision about whether I should attend law school or get my Masters in Political Science, I was accepted to Teach for America. I decided I shouldn’t spend any more time and money on education until I knew exactly which career path I desired, so I enrolled in Teach for America.
Although it was a difficult transition, I thrived under pressure. I was so committed to my students, and I loved teaching. That being said, I lost myself in the work and stress of leading 90 middle school age children in their pursuit of passing the end of the year standardized tests. When my two-year commitment was up, I found myself in the same place I was when I graduated college. I began applying to MBA programs.

I knew the connection and passion I was looking for couldn’t be found through a career path. I started to wake up to the idea that it had to be something intrinsic, so I started to explore alternative paths. Being a yoga practitioner for several years, I decided I would go on a “Quarter Life Calling” retreat at Kripalu, a yoga and health center in Massachusetts. During that five days something inside me awoke, and I realized I was more than what I did for a living, or what college I went to. I made a connection to myself through yoga and meditation. Ironically through this experience I did find my calling. I made it my personal mission in life to live with connection, and provide the same experiences to other people.

What I’ve realized in my life- work is work; jobs are jobs, and as much as one might love what they do it’s always going to be an up and down journey. I love what I do, but I still have to pay bills, manage a budget, hire and fire teachers, and run a business. The thing I discovered is it’s not what I do, but how I do it. It’s how I replenish after a long week, and the daily practices into my life that allow be to show up fully.

Many times the excuse becomes, “I’m too busy.” What I’ve discovered is I’m never too busy, unless I’m scattered, over-caffeinated and franticly multi-tasking. It’s about the pause. I can accomplish more when I breathe, tune in and pause. Try it. Literally pause, close your eyes, take a deep breathe, and feel your feet connected to the ground. That’s all it takes! My mission on earth is to help people integrate simple mindful practices into their days, so that they can wake up to their lives and begin to find happiness that doesn’t come from doing, but just being.