Emily Robinson

My first yoga class was at a local gym that my friend had suggested.  She noticed I was “stressed” and suggested I take a yoga class to help make me feel better.  From the moment I stepped into that class my life was transformed.  It was weird and hard and amazing and life changing all in one.  I knew I had to keep doing this and I knew I had to share it with others.

I had always been into dance and movement as a child.  I was always a bit of a “Type A” personality and dance was the one thing that soothed me and made me feel whole again.  Yoga helped me reconnect to that part of myself.  So I started teaching in 2001 and have been teaching ever since.

The most profound experience of yoga for me is it’s healing effects.  Since the beginning, yoga was more of a healing tool than a way to be physically fit.  That was just a bonus.  I have always loved coming to my mat to move and stretch and breath and connect to my body in a way that doesn’t always happen outside of the yoga space.  It’s an opportunity to pause, connect and to clear the excess noise.  To come back to yourself.  To take care of you.

I teach a gentle flow mixing strength and flexibility, breath and stillness.  With a focus on self awareness and healing.  In addition to teaching yoga I have over a decade of working in the healing arts including energy healing and psychic reading.  In my spare time I love to write, go on long walks and eat good food!