Karen Gomez

After graduating from St. Louis University in Physical Therapy (PT), I worked in clinical settings ranging from inpatient Neurological and Orthopedic Rehabilitation to outpatient Sports Medicine and Industrial Rehabilitation. Early in my PT career, I felt limited in the ability to practice preventative medicine. This interest and my love for sports drew me to return to school for Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). For four years, I continued working in my PT position, as well as working at UIC as a Grad-assistant Athletic Trainer in both men’s and women’s collegiate sports. Athletic Training expanded my skills in injury prevention and ability to take an athlete from acute injury through rehabilitation to competitive return to sport. In 1993, I returned to solely

working as a PT in outpatient Industrial Rehabilitation. The many years of clinical experience led me to realize that there is no separation of the mind-body connection. It was during this time that I began pursuing alternative methods of healing therapies, including but not limited to Craniosacral therapy, Pranic Healing, Zero Balancing, and Integrative Manual Therapy. Using an integrative approach to create change in a person’s physicality, while addressing their emotional, mental, and energetic aspects has become my signature intention. I began practicing hatha yoga in 2006, became a certified in teaching Amrit Yoga in 2012 (200hr) and 2016 (500hr), and Yoga Nidra meditation in 2013. Understanding how to use the physical body as a door ‘in’ to address the many facets of the human being, I can facilitate functional change, healing, and health. ‘Yoga’ translated means union. I find nothing more exciting than collaborating my working knowledge of the physical body and its alignment, with yoga’s union of mind-body-spirit. Integrating these two worlds of knowledge in a yoga class creates an environment in which the body can spontaneously create health, balance, and well-being.