Kerry Cragin

Having almost 10 years of experience in recruitment and human resources at consulting and start-up companies, I saw too many professionals struggle through careers, personal lives and the balancing of the two while sacrificing their health and happiness. To help myself personally cope with the stressful corporate life, I found yoga as my refuge and have been practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness-based living for over 8 years. Taking my practice off the mat, I decided to get professionally trained to help fellow busy professionals find more calm outside of the workplace. After a hard decision to leave HR, I’m so excited to say that I am doing the work I love full-time as a licensed psychotherapist, yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer.
In teaching group yoga, my preferred style with students is a gentle flow linking breath to movement, holding restorative poses and always starting and ending with grounding relaxation meditations. By providing clients safe, beginner-friendly environments I believe that yoga can be more accessible to more people and thus allow more people to feel the incredible impacts of the practice. Of course, I’ll ramp up the pace if that’s what my students what. I’m a firm believer in meeting students where they are in their practice.

As a therapist, I work at Calm Minds in Libertyville, where I specialize in yoga and mindfulness based treatment. I have extensive training and experience using these integrative treatment styles to ease client’s struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, insecurities, interpersonal relationships, trauma, Type-A tendencies, and physical pain. My unique holistic approach to well-being guides clients to develop a preventative and proactive mindfulness based toolkit to help them be more resilient when life continues to happen.

Around town, I can be found focusing on my own practice, walking along the lake with my husband and bull terrier (Nellie), cooking up meals at home or going out with friends to the Chicago’s amazing restaurants. I LOVE to slow down by unplugging and relaxing in Southwest Michigan. In summertime, you’ll find me at the beach!