Mary Kay McCaw

I started my yoga journey for about 15 years ago to counter the effects running. I was suffering from sore knees and hips that my yoga practice soon relieved. Slowly, I realized the true gifts that yoga was delivering…lower stress, improved health, greater equanimity, and a deeper connection to myself and others. The “sneaky side” of yoga, as I like to say, changed my life for good.

I practice and teach yoga as a process of self-discovery, acceptance, and transformation that also builds strength, stability and flexibility in the body, mind and the spirit. I focus on alignment and the breath, attuning my students to the intelligence in their bodies, and learning to sense what is right for them at any given moment…both on and off the mat.

In my classes we flow, leading with the breath, as well as hold postures as we stress alignment. We practice with a sense of play and deep enjoyment, as we discover what is possible together. It is always important to laugh!

I particularly enjoy introducing new students to yoga, appreciating the courage it takes to first come “to the mat.” I am available to teach privately as well.

I am a former VP, Associate Creative Director, at one of Chicago’s leading advertising firms, and I know how a consistent yoga practice reduces stress, and opens pathways to creativity and new ways of thinking. I graduated from Northwestern University and I hold a Masters in Design Methods from the Institute of Design at IIT.

I am a certified yoga instructor and have completed over 500 hours of training, which includes a yoga internship in yoga therapy. I also practice Vipassana meditation and lead meditation sessions.

I credit my yoga practice with my abundant energy, great health, and full, joyful life. I paint, ski, sail, scuba dive, cycle, and travel whenever and wherever possible. I am blessed with two amazing adult “children” and two grandchildren.

I look forward to sharing my love of life and yoga with you.

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